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Launchpad Features

Our vision is straight forward to build a dencentralized and safe launchpad on Cronos Network.
We will offer blockchain Projects and investors an opportunity to get involved in the launch of projects on our platform.


Tier System

Our Tier System has been designed in a way that holders and believers in Cronospad will be rewarded the most.


Guaranteed Allocation

Holding tokens gives access to Guaranteed allocation that is directly proportional to number of tokens held and holding duration.


Curated Projects

Projects launching on Cronospad have to go through strict evaluation and selection mechanism and should tick all the boxes in order to get on our launchpad.


Early Sale Access

Projects launching on Cronospad will have an option to offer both pre public and public round tokens.

Token Utilities

Holding Cronospad Token Grants you some amazing benefits.

🟦 Guaranteed Allocation will be rewarded to our Token holders according to Tier system
🟦 Token holders can enjoy many upcoming premium features
🟦 Access to our future upcoming sales
🟦 Grants Access to Exclusive NFT drops.
🟦 Many More....

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